about us

Hamoon Company have been active in agriculture since the year of 2008 with the support of many years of experience and experience in the country. It has been in the field of research and production of hybrid Summer crops and Hybrids seeds, called Danjeh seed, and has used effective experts to carry out programs. It has been involved in the breeding of plants such as cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, melons, watermelons and pumpkins, and has succeeded in producing various varieties of hybrids and the registration of various cultivars in the list of national cultivars. Taking advantage of efforts to increase agricultural productivity and protecting the interests in farmers and protecting the environment in the thought of growing and improving agriculture in our land, and by producing powerful hybrid Summer crops and vegetable seeds to increase yield , increase the resistance of plants to pests andDiseases and reduce the consumption of chemical pesticides, increase the quality and improve the taste and nutritional value of the product and increase its shelf life. It is obvious that Dangeh seeds are a starting point in the proud track of producing Iranian powerful seeds, and Danjeh promises this promise to the Dear farmers, who each year produce stronger and better seeds for different climates of Iran and target markets. Other countries to introduce.