Faraz Greenhouse

Features of an Effective Greenhouse
  • Cost Effective: Investments eventuate expected output.
  • Strength: Stable and firm in extreme weather conditions.
  • Stable environment: Minimizes the stress factors.
  • Suitable: Appropriate ventilation.
  • Compliant: Control light, temperature, humidity and Co2.
Faraz Greenhouse Benefits
Optimized Energy Consumption:
  • Our aperture free design prevents the heat from escaping and creates a highly isolated microclimate when the vents are closed.
  • Height of greenhouse keep a large volume of air inside to have a stable microclimate while reducing the fuel consumption.
  • Greenhouse insulation: A pressurized double layered cover at all areas is minimalizing the heat exchange at the greenhouse walls to create a stress free and stable environment and reduce consumption.
گلخانه فراز- faraz greenhouse
Faraz Invented Vents:
  • Double layered.
  • With optional width of 210 to 300 cm.
  • Each valve opens and closes vertically by a motor and a gearbox automatically as needed.
  • Each valve is also equipped with a manual control panel.
  • When the wind increase to more than the limited speed, greenhouse valve will be closed automatically.
  • Bows mounted at the highest point of arches, to maximum ventilation.
  • With high resistance to strong winds and preventing the direct inflow to the .
  • Prevent the inflow into the greenhouse.greenhouse
farazgreenhouse-گلخانه فراز
Faraz Invented Underground Cooling System:
  • Faraz invented underground climate control system (patented)
  • Enabling perfect natural ventilation to control the microclimate in hot seasons.
  • Equipped with additional fans and water injection system that lowers the air temperature and uses significantly less electricity compared to other cooling system.
  • Harvesting the earth energy to heat the greenhouse in cold seasons.
  • Help pollination.
  • Can be used for Co2 distribution.
faraz greenhouse- گلخانه فراز
Our Fuel Saving Methods
  • Air tightening the greenhouse
  • Height increase, therefore increasing the volume of the air in the greenhouse.
  • Double layered cover
Column Foundations
With diameter and depth appropriate for the texture and scientific feature of soil, every 3 m.
faraz greenhouse-گلخانه فراز