a lake with a moving island on it!

 a floating island in Brazil that you can travel to and enter the island for only 200,000 Tomans, surely you will prepare the travel arrangements very soon with great enthusiasm and You will leave, but do not go too far, because in this report, I will introduce you to a moving island in a corner of our country, which you can travel to Brazil with a quarter of the cost of travel, and knowing the password to it, for free. Take a walk on a moving island and relax

The mobile island of Takab, with an area of ​​80 square meters in West Azerbaijan and 20 km east of the city of Takab, is located inside the water of “Chehli Gol” lake

This island, which is in an unknown corner of one of the rare wonders of our country, is a green valley where “Chehli Gol” lake is located, covered with willow and sycamore trees and around the lake and the island itself is full of tall reeds

According to this report, the island moves to the sides due to the wind, but due to the swamp and sludge of the lake area, entering the island is very difficult or maybe a secret because the only way to enter the island is only from the eastern part of the lake and by There is a narrow path leading to the shore of the lake where tourists can enter the island without any problems and relax. The structure of the island’s grass is such that the reeds stick to the roots and float on the water without contact with the ground. Of course, in some places, due to the thinness of the island’s grass, it may get wet due to your pressure, but do not worry because the roots of the island’s reeds and grass are so strong that they do not be unfaithful to tourists