A brief look at the amazing Faraz greenhouse

Features of an efficient greenhouse
  • The price is right: The amount of investment should be commensurate with the value of the products and ultimately sufficient profit.
  • Strong: Have acceptable strength in adverse climatic conditions (wind, snow and rain).
  • Stable environment: The stresses that are produced and reduce the quality of the product are minimal.
  • Fit: Provide proper ventilation for plants in the greenhouse.
  • Obedient: Optimal control conditions for light, temperature, humidity and Co2 are provided.

Advantages of Faraz Greenhouse

Energy efficiency
  • Aperture-free design: Faraz Greenhouse is designed in such a way that no holes are left to escape the stored heat after the valves are completely closed.
  • High height of the greenhouse: The higher the height of the greenhouse and as a result the higher the volume of hot air, the lower the fuel consumption in the greenhouse.
  • Greenhouse wall insulation: The lower the heat exchange rate in the greenhouse cover, the lower the fuel consumption to supply the required heat. Faraz greenhouse minimizes energy exchange with the help of double-walled cover and compressed air that is injected between the two layers.

Valve invented by Faraz Greenhouse

  • Insulated double-walled cover with a width of 210 to 300 cm and integrated
  • Each valve is automatically opened or closed vertically by a motor and gearbox to the required size.
  • Each valve is also equipped with a manual control panel.
  • As the wind rises above the allowable limit, the greenhouse vents will close automatically.
  • Arches are installed at the highest point and provide maximum ventilation.
  • High resistance to strong winds prevents wind from leading into the greenhouse and a sudden drop in temperature (compared to pigeon wings).
  • Prevents rain from entering the greenhouse.

Invented sub-surface cooling system

  • Underground patented system above the masterpiece of fluid engineering and inspired by indigenous knowledge
  • Possibility of the best natural ventilation from all the floor of the greenhouse (patent down).
  • Greenhouse temperature control naturally and intelligently.
  • Greenhouse temperature control is optimal in very hot summers.
  • It has an auxiliary ventilation system with injection of cool air by special jet fans (low consumption) and the ability to produce moisture at saturation, without the need for a fan system and pads, thus saving electricity and water consumption.
  • Use of underfloor heating in winter.
  • Prevent the formation of dew drops on the leaves of plants.
  • The best help in pollinating flowers.
  • Fully uniform distribution of Co2 without the need for a distribution network.


  • Proper ventilation without temperature fluctuations will have maximum production in the greenhouse. Due to the type of valves (invented valves) and intelligent control system, the invented subsurface ventilation system of Faraz will have the most suitable ventilation (compared to other conventional valves for greenhouses in the world) with the lowest heat stresses for plants inside the greenhouse and this means the highest The amount of production will be.

Optimal strength

  • Faraz greenhouse strength against natural factors (wind, snow and rain).
  • Bearing snow weight up to 40 kg and live load up to 50 kg per square meter.
  • Withstand winds of up to 120 km / h
  • Complementary chords (14 chords for each bow).
  • One column every 3 meters.
  • Amplifiers (braces)

High fuel saving methods

  • Complete greenhouse ventilation
  • Increase in height and thus increase the volume of greenhouse air
  • Double wall covering on all surfaces