Subsurface system fan

Faraz electric fan

Faraz Electric Fan Double is an engineering and innovative initiative designed and built by Faraz Research. The design of this fan is such that by injecting water or any other solution to its central part, it is directed into the primary blades, which are protected by a ring, by means of holes due to centrifugal force. While producing wind, these blades convert the incoming liquid into fine particles and fog and throw it in front of the fan. The main blades, which start from the first ring, are protected by the second ring, and by producing a large volume of wind while protecting the particles from the initial blades as a powerful wind guard, it causes these particles to evaporate and create maximum cooling. This device can be used to ventilate and cool and provide intelligent humidity in large places such as greenhouses, large halls, factories, poultry farms, farms, etc. despite heavy and salty waters, although its use to disinfect places, passages, vehicles and humans have a very effective and extensive application in the input and output bases.